In July of 1976, Marc and Patty Milowsky and their partners, founded a log cabin dinner house. A year later, the other partners sold their interests and the Milowskys became the sole owners. The original restaurant consisted of 86 seats, a 40 seat bar area, and an atmosphere reminiscent of the Victorian Old West. In 1981, Marc and Patty added a custom greenhouse to the building, and in 1990, added the Adirondack Lodge and outdoor deck. In 2008, a new brick patio in front of the restaurant added a charming outdoor dining space.

Jesse's is known for its amazing salad bar, tender prime rib and lively tavern. Jesse’s is open for lunch and dinner. Buffet brunch is served Sunday mornings. Visit Jesse's Steakhouse.

In 1983. The Milowskys converted the Town and Country Dress Shop in downtown Hanover into a 130-seat restaurant and bar and named it Molly’s Balloon. Just 2 blocks from the Dartmouth Green, Molly’s is a favorite of Dartmouth students and locals alike. In 1998, 25 more indoor seats were added and an outdoor patio. Molly's is a timeless college bar, complete with walls of Ivy League memorabilia, local sports photos and artifacts. The Milowsky’s vision of making Molly’s the unofficial Hanover Historical Museum and a great place to eat came to life.

At Molly's, guests enjoy thin crust pizzas and entrees cooked in a wood-fired brick oven, pasta dishes, delicious burgers, fresh salads, wonderful finger food and appetizers, and homemade desserts. Molly's is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Molly's Restaurant

With two successful restaurants under their belt, the Blue Sky Restaurant Group was founded. Why Blue Sky? Why not!!